Choosing The Right Blonde Curly Wig
Blonde Updo Synthetic Hairpiece with Curls by Raquel Welch

5 Key Factors To Consider When Buying A Blonde Wig

Blonde Wigs
Blonde wigs are the perfect combination of fierceness, sophistication, fun and fashion forward thinking. However, buying one can be a daunting task especially if you are new to the wig game. There are 5 basic factors you need to consider in order to ensure that you get the perfect blonde piece for you. Here are those factors and how each could affect the outcome from your decision. 

1. Length
Short Blonde Wig
The length of the blonde wig you go for is determined by two key factors. The first is your styling options. Longer wigs give you more wiggle room in terms of hairdo creativity. The second factor is the aesthetic effects. For subtle statements, medium length blonde wigs are the best. If you want to really turn heads then go for something bolder like waist-length hair or super short bobs. 

2. Bangs vs no bangs

Blonde Wig with Bangs
This depends entirely on your face shape and most importantly your preferences. Just remember that bangs can be unforgiving if you do not make the right choice. However, there is a perfect bang for everyone whether it is a dramatic high cut or a fancy side sweep. Just take your time and figure out what works for you.

3. Wavy vs straight

Straight Blonde Wig
Straight blonde wigs are sleek and edgy whereas wavy ones are fun and the very definition of casual elegance. Here is where your preferences matter the most. 

4. 50 shades of blonde

Shade of Blonde
It is important to ensure that you go for a shade of blonde that works well with your face. This ensures a more natural blend that will allow everyone to enjoy the true beauty of the wig you choose. 

5. Sew in vs. lace front

Sew-in Blonde Wig
Both have their fair share of pros and cons. Lace-front slip on wigs have a more natural look to them but require constant removing and reapplying. Sew-ins on the other hand offer a longer lasting easy and convenient solution. However, there is a less natural blende at the forehead with these pieces. So what matters more to you; convenience or aesthetics?
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