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A Wig Enthusiast’s Guide To Lace Front Blonde Wig Shopping

Lace Front Blonde Wigs
Every wig enthusiast needs a decent lace front blonde wig in their collection. These beauties are versatile statement pieces that you can pretty much wear anywhere. Get a short minimalistic honey blonde wig and you are good to go for your formal engagements. Get a platinum blonde French braided wig and you will be giving Elsa from Frozen a run for her money. Whatever the case, if you can find a high quality unit in the right shade for your skin tone, you will never go wrong with lace front blonde wigs. To make it easier for you, below is a simple shopping guide for these wigs. That way, you will choose something that will help you not only look like a million bucks but also feel awesome. 

What to look for

When it comes to shopping for blonde wigs, there are 3 key factors you need to consider. Below are these 3 features and how they affect your relationship with your wig. 

1. The shade of blonde

This is without a doubt the most important factor to consider when looking for that perfect blonde unit. Honestly speaking, blonde is not an easy color to pull off. You will either transform into a golden-haired goddess or end up looking like something off the set of a zombie movie. However, if you find your perfect shade it will change your life. While shopping for these wigs especially on online websites, it is best to first determine the best blonde shades for your skin tone. This ensures that you know exactly what you are looking for and minimizes the risk of getting disappointed

2. The hair texture

The hair texture on your lace front wig will also affect how the blonde looks against your skin. More often than not, loose curls tend to soften the shade making it blend a lot better with different skin tones. Straight wigs on the other hand hide nothing. In fact the glossy effect of the flat strands can intensify the wig’s blondeness. 

3. The wig’s design 

In this case, if it isn’t lace front then you probably should keep looking. When it comes to wigs, one of the major priorities is finding something that is easy to slip on and to take off. A lace wig will offer this while also ensuring that you get the easy installation with the added benefit of natural blending with your hairline. That way, you do not have to worry about those awkward edges where your skin meets non-laced wigs. 

Let’s go blonde and never look back, shall we?

  Lace Front Blonde Wig
With all this information in mind, finding the right wig should be a walk in the park. One of the best places to find a good blonde lace front wig is Wigsbuy. The amazing variety will have you spoilt for choice whether you are looking for a dramatic ash blonde waist length piece or a practical shoulder length subtle blonde wig. Therefore, whether you are a wig fanatic looking for the next unit to add to your collection or a newbie looking for your first blonde beauty, you can rest assured that Amazon will not disappoint.

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