5 Christie Brinkley Blonde Wigs That Will Have You Looking Like a Top Fashion Model
5 Key Factors To Consider When Buying A Blonde Wig

Choosing The Right Blonde Curly Wig

When it comes to making the right decision of which wig to settle for, the most important thing to consider is hair texture. Below is a guide to help you in this case.

Understanding the texture

When it comes to the texture of curly wigs, there are 3 key categories. The difference is determined by the nature of the curliness in terms of how tight the curves are. Here is more about these 3 textures. 

1. Coily

This is as tight as it gets with blonde curly wigs. The coily texture is basically what you would get with afro wigs. The curls are very close to each other and give the wig a more compact look and feel. This texture works especially well with a short blonde curly wig as it allows you to fully appreciate the kink and tightness of the curves. It is important to understand that this particular type of curly blonde wigs is not for the faint of heart. You therefore need to ensure that you are confident and ready to pull off the look.

2. Curly

This is the right balance between tight curves and loose strands. With blonde curly wigs, you either get tight curls or loose curls. Tight curls go best with short wigs whereas the loose variety is ideal for longer hair. This texture is perfect is truly the best way to enjoy all that curly wigs have to offer. They are also ideal for all sorts of occasions and situations. This means you can have yours as your special occasions wig or your everyday wig depending on your preferences.

3. Wavy

Waves are curls that are barely there. This style is ideal for women who want to try out the curly hair look without stepping too far out of their comfort zones. Waves are especially beautiful when on a blonde curly lace front wig. This is because their subtle nature complements the seamless blend giving you a more natural look. They also happen to work better with short wigs than with longer hair and also better on darker shades of blonde than lighter ones.

Bottom line

In a nutshell, all you have to do is to consider your preferences in terms of the short blonde curly wig texture varieties. If you are going for something stylish and sophisticated then the waves are the best to go with. If you want something cuter and more classic then go curls all the way. Finally, if you want to make a true fashion statement, then go for curly blonde wigs with kinky coils for that afro queen look. 
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