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Marilyn Monroe
The Marilyn Monroe Wig

Marilyn Monroe was and still is the true definition of a fashion icon. She took some pretty major risks in a day and age where people were a bit more conservative in their fashion choices. However, it is safe to say that they all paid off. From her signature eye makeup to the famous white plunging neckline Marilyn Monroe fancy dress, the girl knew how to make a fashion statement.

Today, fashion trends are repeating themselves with the 50s in particular making a major comeback. If you are ready on get onto this band wagon then you cannot afford to do it without your very own Marilyn Monroe bombshell wig. Below are a few tips on how to pull it off in honor of the legend. 

How to pull off the wig
Marilyn Monroe White Dress
1. Complete the look with her famous white dress

This works if you are doing a Marilyn Monroe themed costume. In this case, do not just settle for the hair. Go all out with the famous Marilyn Monroe fancy dress. This would be perfect for Halloween where you want to get all dressed up without compromising on classiness and sophistication. 

2. Get the color, length and texture right

The iconic Marilyn Monroe blonde wig is not just any old blonde wig. It is therefore very important to ensure that you remain true to the original style while looking for a replica wig. In this case, the wig should be short with tight waves and as bright a shade of blonde as you can find. 

3. Get the makeup right

If you are planning on rocking this look for special occasions, you may also want to go all the way as far as makeup is concerned. In this case, all you need is red lipstick and winged eye liner. This is perfect for many occasions including date nights, club hopping with your girls and even a wedding. 

4. 50s fashion

This is important if you are planning on wearing your Marilyn Monroe wig as part of your everyday ensemble. The icon was famous during the 50s and there is truly no better way to honor her style than by pairing the wig up with fashion trends from this era. This includes things like floral prints, circular skirts and fitted bodices. 

5. Be confident

Finally, if you want to truly pull off the Marilyn Monroe blonde wig then you need to have the confidence and attitude to match. The woman herself was a force to be reckoned with and you will definitely need as much grit and guts as she had to do her look justice. 

Bottom line
  Marilyn Monroe Wig

The Marilyn Monroe wig is without a doubt perfect for wig enthusiasts. You may choose to get it for role-play and costumes whether it is Halloween or even simply a 50s themed party. You may also choose to get the wig as part of your everyday hair options. In this case, you need to have the wardrobe and most importantly the confidence to match. That way, you get to channel the style and fashion influence of one of the greatest fashion icons whether at work or out with your friends. 


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