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African American Blonde Wigs

For all you African American beauties out there shopping for that perfect wig, we have your back. The tricky thing about it is finding one that looks good, lasts long and doesn’t bankrupt you. The 'looks good' part is especially important if you are going for bolder colors such as blonde wigs. This is because there is a fine line between classy bombshell and washed out train wreck when it comes to this hair color. The secret is to find the right shade for your skin tone as well as investing in high quality fiber wigs. Below is a bit more information to help put things into perspective.

Shade is everything

There are many different shades of blonde wigs available on Amazon and other wig shops. One thing you need to understand is that just because it looks good on display it doesn’t mean that it will look good on your head. Finding the perfect shade of blonde for your skin ensures that you always look good whether it is a long straight unit or a short pixie cut blonde bob wig. Below is a list of some of the most popular shades of blonde wigs for African American women

1. Honey blonde

Honey Blonde Wig

When it comes to African American blonde wigs, you can never go wrong with honey hues. It is the perfect glossy shade of light brown and goes well with any skin tone. Dirty blonde wigs are also very similar in terms of color.

2. Golden or yellow blonde

African American Golden Blonde Wig

Think of Goldielocks. Got that image in your head? That is what you have to look forward to with this shade of blonde wigs. It is bright but not harsh making it another one of those that works for everyone. 

3. Strawberry blonde

African American Strawberry Blonde Wig

The red tones in these wigs make it a pretty risky choice. The final result depends on a lot including skin tone, face shape and the color of the eyes. In this case, it is better to have an actual run with a physical wig in the same shade before you make your order online.

4. Platinum, silver and ash blonde

African American Platinum Blonde Wig

These shades of blonde have been popularized by pop culture with everyone from the Khaleesi to the Kardashians rocking this risky look. But does it work for African American women? The answer is yes. These nearly white blonde pieces are perfect if you want a dramatic flare from your wig. All you have to do is to ensure that you touch up a bit on your makeup. This is to ensure that the bright hues do not washout your face and leave you looking like a horror movie extra.

Great texture and fiber quality also helps

Honestly speaking, you can get away with pretty much any shade of blonde if you invest in high quality wigs. In this case, it doesn’t get any better than human hair wigs. These allow you to pull off even the riskiest of blonde hues in spite of skin color. 
Where to buy good wigs online
Now that you know these 2 trade secrets, you shouldn’t shy away from blonde wigs simply because of your skin tone. Just find a good retailer and take your time seeing what they have to offer. You can rest assured that there is something out there that is perfect for you.



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