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Blonde Afro Wigs
Who would ever have thought that blonde afro wigs would become a thing again? These pieces are a true blast from the past taking us to the glory days of big hair in the mid to late 1900s. So how and most importantly why would you want one of these as a 21st century woman? The answer is simple; these wigs are fabulous. It could be a tight short piece for your everyday look or a major poof ball for those days you just want to stop traffic with your fabulousness. Below is a guide on all things blonde afro wig related for you as the adventurous woman looking for your next fashion conquest. 

Is it for everyone?

If you have a head on your shoulders then you can pull of an afro wig. Skin color, face shape and all those other details are just background noise. All you need to do is to find your right shade of blonde and level of poof and you have the perfect new piece to add to your wig collection. It is also very important to remember that as with other blonde wigs, it is all about the confidence with the afros

4 ways to ensure you make the best choice

Now that you know that a blonde afro wig actually has a place on your head, the next step is to understand how to pick the right one. When it comes down to the actual choice, the important thing is to go for something you feel comfortable and beautiful in. However, there are a few tips and factors you can consider that you will never go wrong with especially if you don’t know where to start. In this case, here are 4 ways to ensure your blonde afro wig is as awesome as they get. 

1. The puffier the better

Go big or go home; those are the rules of the game. If you are looking to make a fashion statement, a blonde afro puff wig is the best road to take. These are in so many ways better than the safe small afros. This is mainly because they offer more versatility in terms of styling and fashion pairing. 

2. Lace front for a natural blend

This design of wigs is ideal if you are going for a more natural look with your afro wig. For the most part, wigs tend to blend better with the skin the straighter the strands are. This means that you need as much help as you can get with afro pieces where the curls are as tight as they get. 

3. Don’t shy away from bright blondes

When it comes to blonde afro wigs bright yellow hues stand head and shoulders above their darker companions. And the truth is that for some reason everyone looks good in them in spite of skin tone. In this case, butter blonde, bleach, platinum and any other bright blonde shade will work. If you are not ready for this move, you might also want to consider ombre shade changes on the wig. Here, you can have the roots darker with the tips being super blonde. 

4. Human hair tramps synthetic wigs

Finally, you can never go wrong with a blonde human hair afro wig. The texture makes the hair a lot easier to handle and prevent tangling which is common with synthetic afro wigs. It might be a little expensive but it is definitely worth the investment. 

Bottom line

The next time you see afro wigs on sale online, do not pass up the opportunity to add to your collection. These pieces are ideal for every woman who wants a little bit more outrageously beautiful and unapologetically authentic. 


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