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White Blonde Wig

There used to be a lot of women (and still are quite a few men) under the impression that the only reason to wear a wig – let alone a white wig or a white blonde wig – is to cover up some kind of medical illness, thinning hair, or hair loss situation.

Nothing could be further from the truth, however.

Today, more and more women are comfortable wearing a white blonde wig than ever before – even if there’s absolutely nothing whatsoever wrong with their natural hair.

A perfectly simple way to shake things up, completely transforming your look in about 15 minutes, and the kind of accessory that can transform and old and outdated wardrobe into something really special without making any other changes, you’d have to be at least a little bit crazy not to keep a long white blonde wig or a cute little bob cut (or even both) in your closet!

Here are five of the top reasons women are wearing white blonde wigs today.

Looking to change their hair color temporarily

Women all over the world are waking up to the dangers of dying their hair too frequently and all the damage that those chemicals can cause. At the same time, women aren’t all that excited or eager about blocking themselves into a single hair color – and that’s where these kinds of wigs come into play.

Pull your hair up, throw on a white wig, and you’ve temporarily transform your hair color in an instant.

Explosion of confidence

A white blonde wig is going to draw a ridiculous amount of attention (no matter what), but a lot of women report that they don’t find themselves shrinking from the attention but instead embracing it and falling in love with the explosion of confidence that this unorthodox choice brings to the table.

Effortless (and affordable) fun


White Blonde Human Hair Wig
There isn’t a whole lot that goes on behind the scenes when preparing for a night out on the town with a white blonde lace front wig – even if you and a couple of your friends are preparing to do the exact same thing!

Getting into the character that would wear this kind of white blonde wake can be a lot of fun, and acting like someone else because of your new haircut, color, and style can make for some pretty memorable nights.

Changing your hair this way changes your entire outlook

It might sound a little bit kooky at first, but study after study shows that when people change the way they look so dramatically – especially if they know that it’s just temporary – that they themselves change so much, almost as if they are playing themselves in a movie. Your inhibitions are going to fall by the wayside, you’ll have more confidence than you ever thought possible, and you’ll be able to enjoy playing the character of the you when you slide on one of those long white blonde wigs.

Because it’s fun as hell!

At the end of the day, one of the biggest reasons that women throw on a white blonde wig is because it’s flat-out fun as hell!

As we highlighted above, you’re going to feel incredibly confident, energized, and ready for fun and you’re also going to get a tremendous amount of attention. If you’re looking to turn a normal night out on the town into something really special, nothing does it better than a white wig!


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